Sensefly eBee SQ with PARROT Sequoia

Sensefly eBee SQ with PARROT Sequoia

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eBee SQ** is a fully automatic fixed-wing drone specially designed for precision agriculture. Robust and simple, it integrates SEQUOIA* sensor. With one hour autonomy in flight, it can cover up to 180ha in one flight (flying at 150m).
Its assets : simplicity and autonomy

Drone eBee SQ including:
· 1 x main body in reinforced EPP with built-in autopilot for fully autonomous navigation
· 1 x pair of removable wings
· 2.4GHz USB radio modem EB for data link and associated cables
· 2 x battery EB SQ with 1 x charger
· 1 x spare propeller EB SQ
· 1 x hard shell case EB SQ (with space for all material)
· 2.4Ghz Remote Control (in case a safety pilot is required)
· 1 x download access to eMotion Ag and user manuals

- Multispectral Sensor 1,2 Mpx (550, 660, 735 et 790 nm) and RGB Sensor 16 Mpx
PARROT Sequoia

Weight ready to fly : 1.20 kg
Wing span : 110 cm
Flight autonomy : up to 55 minutes

Compatible exclusively with the sensor Parrot SEQUOIA

* SEQUOIA gives you access to the online data processing platform FIRST (, for free for 1 year (200€/y, 1 NDVI projet per day based on 100 frames)
** Price and delivery available for France. For Agriculture projects please contact our international team through our website. For Survey projects, check out your local reseller on