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Inspired by multiSPEC 4C, SEQUOIA comes with 4 multispectral sensors and additional RGB sensor. Its small size and two-stage design with separable Sunshine sensor make it suitable for any type of drone. It is in particular fully integrated to eBee SQ drone.

4 multispectral sensors 1.2MP + 1 RGB sensor 16MP
Multispectral: 550, 660, 735 and 790 nm
Compatible with all drones
Included : cleaning and protection kits + cables

AIRINOV recommends to buy a calibration target with your sensor, available on our online store "AIRINOV SEQUOIA target".

*SEQUOIA gives you access to the online data processing platform FIRST (, for free for 1 year (200€/y, 1 NDVI projet per day based on 100 frames)